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The Callen Group of Companies

....represent a solid financial entity distinguishing itself as a "Best In Class" Full Service Supplier of high pressure and miniature non-ferrous Die Castings.

The Callen Group, consisting of two (2) international manufacturing facilities, is a closely held, private and financially strong manufacturing entity. This strength differentiates us from those who lack financial viability. Our financial stability is a powerful competitive edge that has been the foundation of steady growth, reinvestment and international expansion with satisfied customers.

At Callen we believe strongly in the capability of our plants and our enthusiastic people. We encourage you to visit our facilities and witness our commitment to continuous improvement, and our dedicated people as together we focus on the future and the development of new opportunities.


We encourage you to "click onto" the detailed pages that follow or contact us with your specific inquiries.


Aluminum Die Casting - Zinc Die Casting - Miniature Zinc Die Casting